blue-m-logo2New Juice and Smoothie Bar

Welcome everyone!! We are rolling out a brand new juice and smoothie bar addition to our restaurant. Come join us! We have two amazing stations. The juicing station is fitted with five Waring Pro #JE2000 Juicers. These are unbelievable juicers that have speeds up to 16,000 rpm, which makes juicing a snap! The smoothie station is fitted with eight Vitamix touch and go blenders each fitted with a noise cancellation hood.

juice bar

Since we believe in fresh, organic food and a healthy lifestyle we feel that this announcement is a perfect compliment to the Mesilla Restaurant Menu.

Our exciting juice bar has many tasty juice concoctions designed to taste great and be a great healthy treat.

Take a look at these other exciting videos showing you have to juice and make smoothies. They’re just fabulous!!

How to juice:

We have many juice recipes to help get you going!! All juices are prepared using commercial grade juicers. There are many juicers available at home that are easy to use. Check out them out here.

Some of our great juices are: immunity booster, cranberry craze, green gardens, citrus cooler, absolutely antioxidant and many more!

How to make a smoothie:

We have many amazing new smoothie recipe additions including the Green Monster, Blueberry Delight, Passion Pineapple, Your Berry Welcome, Melon Madness, Preachin’ Peaches, Banana Bonzai and many more. Come down this Monday to welcome the start of this exciting new addition to our restaurant. All juices are prepared using commercial grade blenders. There are many blenders available for home use. Check out them out here.

Our inspiration for adding the juices and smoothies to our menu comes from you, our wonderful customers and community. You support us in the desire for healthy eating and we have answered. Juicing and smoothie can add many elements to your health and they taste great. Our juice and smoothie bar will be open during all business hours so these healthy treats with always be available!

Welcome to Mesilla Restaurant!

Mesilla Restaurant prides itself in a healthy Mexican dining experience.  We prepare our dishes with nothing but the freshest ingredients, sourcing locally and organically as much as possible. We believe in creating community by supporting local farmers, bringing people together, and enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Some find it hard to imagine how Mexican cuisine could be served in a healthy way. Avoiding too much sour cream, heavy cheese, fried tortillas and meats, while substituting with more vegetables, healthy guacamole and even gluten-free tortillas are just a few techniques we’ve played with in our dishes. 


One of our most popular items on our menu is our Veggie Veggie Burrito. Thisopen-faced burrito features sautéed green beans and broccoli in a spicy homemade chipotle sauce, combined with guacamole and black beans, all atop 2 warm, baked, gluten-free corn tortillas. Mexican dishes are some of the most popular foods. Enjoy a variety of pungent flavors, guilt-free! 

What about the chips? It’s hard to imagine sitting down at a Mexican restaurant and NOT munching on chips and salsa while you wait for your meal. Our alternative is to offer soft, calorie-light corn tortillas in place of chips. You can spread them with salsa, roll them up and enjoy your taquitas!

What’s with the beans? At Mesilla Restaurant, we love our pinto and black beans. They are protein and fiber-rich and low in fat. We find this a healthy and delicious alternative to the usual refried beans, which are often prepared with lard and unhealthy cheese blends.

Where’s the cheese? Queso dips and nacho cheese are delicious, but they are also extremely high in fat and calories, as is sour cream. We like to substitute with our fresh, homemade guacamole, which contains healthy fat, and is served in healthy portions. We also offer a range of our popular homemade salsas, playing with different fruity flavors and levels of spice. Salsa is low-calorie and fat-free, so be wild and try them all!


Even if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, avoiding meat every once in a while won’t kill you. In fact, it may even prolong your life!  Most restaurants serve meat that is mass-farmed and pumped full of antibiotics, but even the over-consumption of organic meat will clog your arteries, raise your blood pressure and put you at greater risk of heart disease. Our warm dishes are filling, full of protein and so tasty, you won’t even notice that you’ve gone vegetarian!

We like to play with brown and wild rice on the side, which is unusual in a Mexican restaurant. But mixing it up means a few great combinations that you may have never thought of before, as well as more nutrients and less empty carbs. You can get your rice as a side, or replace it with one of our many exciting salads. We know how many salads you may have to eat in your life, and it is our goal to make ours as spectacular as possible for our customers.

We hope to open your eyes, your hearts and your mind to healthy Mexican dishes.